Violet – Handmade Round Leather Bag for Women Violet is a bag that is characterized by its round design, which is made of 100% original cowhide leather and with a black cotton lining that guarantees its durability. Ideal to add the authentic touch that your outfit needs. It has enough space to carry what is … Continue reading "Violet"



ROSE – Bag for women Excellent leather bag for women made with 100% cowhide, the lining is black cotton with a pocket inside with a zipper. Topped with a flap and a small purse hanging from one of the handles. This bag has been designed to support various types of uses, including meetings, a business … Continue reading "Rose"



POPPY – Leather Bag for Women Our POPPY leather bag has a design exclusively designed for the mobile, thanks to its material and its beautiful details, it protects our mobile from bumps and falls, so it is super necessary since who has not dropped their mobile at some point? The POPPY bag is made with … Continue reading "Poppy"


Leather Handbags – A Woman’s Best Friend

All women love their bags. We dream of having a different bag for every occasion. We feel them as an indispensable part of our outfit. These purchases are no longer dependent on convenience. Instead, Leather handbags for Women have become an integral aspect of your overall style.

Your choice of bags says a lot about your personality. Better quality visually translates to better status and a confident presence. Therefore, when choosing between the bags available on the internet, it is essential to choose the right colors, textures and designs.

Types of Leather Bags for women

TOTE BAGS – Are you one of those women who want to look stylish, but also need a bag that carries your whole world inside? If you are one of them, tote and crossbody bags should be your choice. These variants of women’s bags come in vibrant colors and exquisite designs that give it a subtle and classy look. These leather bags can be a nice addition to a classy office look.

GAUGE BAGS – Some women love to carry lightweight leather handbags with a super stylish look. Purse, lipstick, sunglasses, and keys are some of the many things they keep in them. In that case, crossbody bags are perfect for you. You can take it to the office, to a meeting of friends, to any trip or a joyous night out.

HANDBAGS – Every woman wants a unique look. You can get yours with attractive women’s leather handbags. Whether for a formal or personal occasion, these leather bags will always shine with their pleasant colors and simple designs.

WALLETS – Some women prefer to travel light. Handmade leather handbags and wallets are usually your best option. Today it is brimming with great designs, textures, and colors when it comes to both types of accessories. All of them available in a few clicks.

So, if you want to buy any of them, take a look at the incredible collection of BELL TOWER SPAIN‘s leather handbags waiting to be part of your purchases.