Men’s leather briefcase, Turin Turin is our men’s leather briefcase executive style with flap, lock and metal hardware, 100% cowhide . It has two interior compartments separated by a zipper. The front outer plate is made up of two pockets with flaps and pen holders. The rear outer plate has a zipper pocket. shoulder bag … Continue reading "Turin"


Leather Goods for Men

Leather has been distinguished throughout history for being one of the most used materials in the manufacture of accessories and items of great elegance and durability. The attributes of leather make it the ideal raw material for making men’s wallets, briefcases, key chains, men’s purses, bags and men’s wallets, footwear and many other items for daily use.

Accessories and leather pieces for today’s man

Since the beginning of humanity, man has used the skin of different animals to make clothing and other items that he needs. There are more and more leather accessories and pieces that can be found, especially for today’s modern man. Items such as: briefcases, briefcases, men’s wallets, backpacks, men’s purse, men’s wallets and a whole range of accessories of great elegance and style.

What are the best skins for making leather goods for men?

There are different types of leather ideal for making garments and accessories. The leather must go through a long process before becoming a useful raw material for making these pieces. However, the leather of some animals has properties that make it better for a certain purpose. Some of the most used animal skins in items such as men’s wallets, purses, backpacks, men’s wallets and other items for men are:

Bovine or bovine

One of the most flexible and resistant skins as well as being the most used in the leather industry. This leather is ideal for making backpacks and men’s wallets, as well as footwear and other clothing.


Goat leather is characterized by being very flexible and compact. It is especially used to create high-class items, such as briefcases and men’s wallets. The best pieces of goat leather are obtained from the youngest animals.


Although the use of this type of livestock is traditionally to obtain wool, the skin of the sheep is also of very high quality. With it, men’s purses, backpacks, wallets and other items for men of great finesse and elegance are made.