Tuba Mouthpiece Cover

Quality and style The Tuba Mouthpiece Cover is an accessory designed to provide effective protection for your tuba mouthpiece. This case is made of high quality cowhide leather which guarantees durability and resistance to wear and tear. The interior is padded with suede to provide additional protection for the mouthpiece, preventing scratches and bumps. More … Continue reading "Tuba Mouthpiece Cover"


Tuba Mouthpiece Case

Protection and Quality The Tuba Mouthpiece Case with Loop is an accessory specially designed to protect and transport your tuba mouthpiece safely and comfortably. This case is made of high quality cowhide leather, which gives it an elegant and durable appearance. On the inside, it has a soft padded chamois that provides excellent protection against … Continue reading "Tuba Mouthpiece Case with Loop"


Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch

Maximum protection The Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch with Loop is an essential accessory for any trumpet player looking for a safe and convenient way to transport their trumpet mouthpiece. Made from high quality cowhide leather, this case offers excellent protection against bumps and scratches, while its padded suede interior ensures extra protection for your trumpet mouthpiece. Guaranteed … Continue reading "Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch with Loop"


Instrument Accessories – Mouthpiece Protective Covers

Are you a professional musician or simply play a brass instrument and have concerns about protecting and not losing your mouthpieces? We’ll tell you the most effective way to both protect your mouthpieces and carry them with you comfortably and securely.
Many times, you may have felt the need to effectively protect and carry your mouthpieces, as most people keep them in any compartment of the instrument case, making them susceptible to scratches, impacts, and even dirt.

That’s why BellTowerSpain recommends mouthpiece protective covers, as they are the perfect solution to ensure the good condition of your instrument’s mouthpieces and prevent them from getting damaged or lost. These covers are the ideal accessory for safely and conveniently transporting them, making them your great ally when performing at various musical events.

What are mouthpiece protective covers?

These types of covers are characterized as bags or cases made of various materials such as leather, designed to store mouthpieces of instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, cornet, trombone, euphonium, and others wind instruments.
It’s important to note that the purpose of these covers is to prevent the mouthpieces from getting damaged or lost. They are a crucial element of the aforementioned instruments, as they are the point of connection between the musician and the instrument. Therefore, it’s important to take care of and preserve them.

Types of Mouthpiece Protective Covers

Mouthpiece protective covers can be divided based on the materials they are made of. Here are some of the most well-known types:
1. Neoprene covers: As the name suggests, these covers are made of neoprene, which is an elastic and flexible material, making them quite soft. However, being a synthetic material, they are also waterproof, effectively repelling moisture. They come with a zipper or Velcro closure and may have compartments for more than one mouthpiece.
2. Hardshell cases: These covers are known for being the toughest and most resistant, as they are primarily made of plywood or plastic. However, their interior is usually padded with some kind of lining or fabric. They feature a zipper or latch closure and some have hinged lids.
3. Soft cases: These are the most recommended types of mouthpiece protective covers. Their design is flexible, allowing them to easily adapt to the shape of different mouthpieces. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Soft covers are usually made of leather or fabric, and their interior is also lined with soft fabric. They are sealed with zippers or Velcro closures.

Advantages of instrument mouthpiece covers

 Protect your mouthpieces from impacts and scratches, preventing deformations or changes in their appearance that could affect their fit on the instrument and, consequently, the sound production.
Protect against dust and moisture, preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi that could potentially affect the health of the person using the instrument.

Allow for safe and comfortable transportation of the mouthpieces. The compact size of these protective covers allows them to be stored in the instrument case, other bags or pockets, and even attached to your belt or straps.

Enhance your overall look. In addition to protecting and making your life easier, these mouthpiece protective covers also add style and personality, as they come in modern yet elegant designs.