Wicker Bag

Wicker bags are the perfect accessory for summer days. They effortlessly blend into our spring and summer outfits to add an original touch. They are lightweight, durable, and charming, while also being versatile and practical. The handmade bags from Bell tower combine wicker with Ubrique leather. These products are made from two materials: wicker for … Continue reading "Wicker Bag"



Violet: Round leather bag The “Violet” round bag, created by expert artisans, represents a unique fusion of art, functionality and fashion. This bag, made with 100% original cowhide, not only stands out for its unsurpassed quality, but also for its innovative and distinguished aesthetics. The leather used is meticulously selected to ensure softness, durability and … Continue reading "Violet"



LEATHER WALLET -TULIP Would you like to have an elegant, versatile and durable leather wallet? Then you will love the Tulip leather wallet, a leather wallet that combines the quality and style in one piece. Its main features include: Versatile Design Our beautiful Tulip leather purse is made of high-quality cowhide leather and has a … Continue reading "Tulip"


Wallets and leather bags for women

Leather bags and wallets for women are not merely accessories, but manifestations of style and elegance that throughout history have occupied a prominent place in every lady’s wardrobe. These items are not only practical for carrying essential items, but are also expressions of the wearer’s personality and taste. Leather, as a material of choice, has been the preferred choice for centuries due to its versatility, durability and its ability to add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

If you are looking for leather bags, leather wallets or any other item for women, it will be important that you know how to differentiate between real leather and synthetic leather. Therefore, here we give you some tricks that will help you know if it is authentic leather:

The variety of women’s leather bags and wallets available on the market today is truly impressive. In this era of fashion, designers have embraced diversity and creativity, meaning you can find a wide range of presentations, sizes and colors to suit your personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for a small, elegant wallet for a special occasion or a roomy leather bag to match your everyday style, the offering is immense. However, amidst this dazzling array of options, a crucial question arises: how can you ensure that you are purchasing a quality product made from genuine leather?

Leather bags for women: How to differentiate real leather from synthetic?

Differentiating between real leather and synthetic imitations is essential before investing in a leather bag or wallet. At BellTowerSpain we recommend that if you are looking for a good quality leather bag, you must first verify if the material used in its production is real leather or, on the contrary, it is an imitation. To help you in this task, we share some tricks that will allow you to accurately discern the authenticity of the leather:

The texture

Genuine leather has a unique texture that is evident to the touch. When you caress a genuine leather garment, you’ll notice a characteristic softness and warmth that sets it apart from synthetic imitations, which often lack these qualities and can feel rough to the touch.

The smell

Another reliable clue is the aroma. Genuine leather emanates an unmistakable smell, a natural and rich fragrance that evokes quality and elegance. If you smell the piece and smell that characteristic leather aroma, you are looking at a genuine product.


Looking closely at the seams and cuts in the “skin” can also provide clues. Real leather displays a more organic and natural pattern of stitching and cuts, while imitations often exhibit a more artificial appearance.

A little water

Performing a simple water test can be revealing. Synthetic materials, such as leatherette, tend to be waterproof due to their high plastic content, which allows them to repel water. In contrast, real leather wallets tends to absorb water rather than repel it. A few drops of water on the surface of a piece of genuine leather will be absorbed, proving its authenticity.

At BellTowerSpain, as manufacturers of high-quality leather goods, we understand the importance of authenticity and quality. Our collection of women’s leather bags and wallets has been carefully designed to offer not only style, but also durability and authenticity. We recognize that you are an elegant, practical and determined woman, and that is why we offer you a wide variety of exceptional models at the most competitive prices on the market. Your style and good taste deserve the best, and at BellTowerSpain, we are committed to providing you with the quality and authenticity that only genuine leather can offer.