Leather from Ubrique, a heritage of leather goods

leather from Ubrique

Ubrique is a well-known Spanish municipality, located in the south of Andalusia, in the Sierra de Cádiz. Its nickname “The cradle of leather in Spain” comes from ancient times when the leather trade was the main economic support in that area. Since the time of the Romans, the leather trade was the boom in that area and from there its legacy was born, the leather from Ubrique.

Since that time, our ancestors specialized in leather goods, which is the art of treating leather and making all kinds of garments with it.

The quality of the leather from Ubrique

The leather from Ubrique is characterized by its quality and variety, since the best leather producers in Spain are found in that area and to put the cherry on the cake are the masters of leather goods. His abilities were inherited in Roman times and that tradition has not been lost over time.

One of the outstanding characteristics of these masters of leather goods is the way in which they tan the skin in Ubrique. His techniques have been perfected over time, to obtain unique pieces in an artisanal way with the quality and beauty of a piece of leather from any famous brand.

The pieces that are made with the leather from Ubrique, range from bags, purses, purses and wallets, to elaborate pieces of clothing such as skirts, jackets, pants, belts. The variety of colors is another of the outstanding characteristics found in the leather from Ubrique.

A tradition in leather goods.

Over the years, this culture of leather in Ubrique has not been lost, on the contrary, it has adapted to the 21st century, using technology for tanning, production and making of leather, which makes it more efficient in terms of time and amount of work. pieces that are made, but never losing the artisanal touch that characterizes the leather products in this beautiful place.

In Andalusia there are more than 400 businesses linked to the leather sector, and taking an average they employ about 6,000 people. Ubrique concentrates 80% of the regional production. In other words, the economic activity that takes place in Ubrique is considerable if we only talk about a sector such as leather.

The production of leather from Ubrique covers the whole of Spain and part of Europe, since several fashion industries that use leather for their designs classify leather from Ubrique as one of the best quality materials that can be obtained in Spain.

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