Leather backpacks for men: Everything you need to know.

There is a wide variety of leather bags for men, each of them with different advantages and disadvantages in various aspects or situations of our daily lives, however, in this article we will only focus on one of them, leather backpacks for men.

Backpacks are the most versatile bags that men usually use, some even use this type of bag all their lives, mainly because of the comfort to transport belongings without having to carry anything in their hands.

This main feature of leather backpacks for men is the main and greatest advantage of this type of bag over others.

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The best material for leather backpacks for men

Historically, leather has proven to be an excellent material for different clothing and personal items, not to mention that it was the first recorded textile material.

Thanks to the properties of leather, it is considered the best material for making leather bags and backpacks, both for men and women. By the way, at Belltower Spain you can find a beautiful selection of leather bags for women.

The durability of leather, its thermal and breathability properties, as well as its classic and rustic appearance, make it the ideal material for men’s clothing.

Within which we can highlight, leather wallets for men, leather belts, pants and, of course, leather backpacks for men.

How to eliminate the smell of leather backpacks?

It is natural that new leather backpacks for men have a fairly strong aroma, mainly due to the leather tanning and refining processes.

The use of oils and some chemicals from the tanning process are absorbed by the leather and that is the characteristic smell of this material that so many people identify.

However, this aroma usually dissipates gradually as the bag is exposed to the open air, but there are some cases in which the aroma persists for much longer.

For those specific cases, there is a small trick or procedure to eliminate the smell of leather backpacks for men, and we will tell you about it below:

  1. Place the backpack in a sealable bag or container.
  2. Add several coffee beans, both inside and outside the backpack, to the bag or container.
  3. Seal the bag or container for at least 24 hours, coffee beans have the property of absorbing other odors and impregnating their own.
  4. Una vez finalizado el tiempo, simplemente saca la mochila de cuero para hombre y déjala ventilarse durante unas horas, el olor del café se irá gradualmente.

If this method, although simple but effective, does not work for your leather backpack, we recommend that you go to a leather specialist to apply stronger techniques to your garment, always without risking the integrity of the leather backpacks.

How to care for leather backpacks?

Like most items made from leather, they must be provided with specific care to maintain their style and the life of these beautiful men’s leather backpacks.

First of all, let’s talk about what not to do, you should never use oils to clean your leather backpack, oils stain the leather and end up deteriorating it in the long term.

Nor should you wash a leather item with detergents or chlorine, for obvious reasons, the leather absorbs a part of them and by having a corrosive effect, they weaken the leather fibers, so They deteriorate its durability.

Now, what is recommended? To clean leather backpacks for men, in fact, for any leather item, it is recommended to purchase a quality product that is specifically designed for this purpose.

There are a wide variety of products for cleaning leather that are made from substances that hydrate and strengthen this material, each of them with their respective indications. It is best to opt for these products if you want to keep your men’s leather backpack in excellent condition.

We hope that with this we managed to clear up your doubts about leather backpacks for men and their most relevant aspects.

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