The best tips for moisturizing the leather of your leather wallets

hidratar cuero en bolsos de piel, moisturize leather in leather bags,

Leather is a material of natural origin which, due to its durability and elegance, is widely used in the manufacture of wallets, bags and other fashion items for both men and women.

Therefore, we know how important it is that your leather wallets are well cared for so that they last as long as possible, however, despite the fact that leather is a quality raw material, it will always be necessary to take care of it so that it can accompany you for many more years.

In this way, one of the keys to keeping your leather bags in good condition is to moisturize the leather regularly, to prevent it from drying out, cracking or discoloring, which is why today we bring you this article, where we will provide you with useful tips on how to moisturize the leather of your wallets, keeping them soft and flexible.

Tips to hydrate leather in your leather bags:


Before moisturizing the leather, it is important to make sure that it is clean and free of dirt or dust, so the first thing you should do is clean the leather with a soft, dry cloth, in order to remove any dust and dirt that may have accumulated.

On the other hand, if the leather is very dirty, you can use a specific product to clean it, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to never use aggressive chemicals, such as alcohol, acetone or bleach, as they can irreversibly damage the leather.

Choose a good leather conditioner

The next point refers to the choice of the product that we are going to use to moisturize the leather of our portfolio, therefore you should take into account selecting a quality leather conditioner that is specifically designed to moisturize and protect the leather.

So, it is important to look for products that contain natural ingredients such as jojoba oil or beeswax, as they provide deep hydration without leaving a greasy residue, some even recommend using a leather balm, as it is a thicker and more nourishing product than leather conditioner, making it ideal for wallets that are made of dry or cracked leather

Apply moisturizing product as directed

To begin with, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to a clean, soft cloth. Therefore, the cloth is gently rubbed over the entire surface of the bag, paying special attention to the areas most prone to dryness, such as the seams and edges.

An important point is to make sure to cover the entire bag evenly, avoiding applying too much product, that is, avoid excesses in some parts or uncovered areas, also during application you should avoid rubbing too much as this could end up altering its color and even its texture.

Let the leather absorb the conditioner

This part is essential and requires some patience on our part, since it is important to let the product rest long enough so that as much as possible is adsorbed, since this will have a direct impact on the final result.

Wipe off excess conditioner

Although we’ve distributed it as evenly as possible, one step you shouldn’t skip is removing any excess conditioner that may remain on the surface of the bag using a clean cloth. In this way, it is recommended to make smooth and circular movements to ensure that the product is distributed evenly.

Let dry for the necessary time

Finally, let the leather dry in the open air, avoiding direct exposure to the sun or heat, which could dry out or deform the leather. Also remember to store your wallet in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and artificial light sources, and even if you can, use a cloth cover to protect it from dust and possible scratches.

Why is it important to moisturize leather?

As mentioned above, leather is a natural skin that needs moisture to stay in good condition. Therefore, over time and exposure to factors such as the sun, dry air, and lack of proper care, leather can become stiff, crack, and lose its lustrous appearance. That is why moisturizing leather is essential to restore lost moisture and protect it from damage caused by dryness.


In short, moisturizing the leather of your leather wallets is essential to maintain its appearance and durability over time. Follow these simple steps to hydrate the leather of your wallets and enjoy its beauty and quality for many years.

Remember that regular maintenance is key to preserving leather in optimal condition. In addition to moisturizing it, avoid exposing your leather wallets to direct sunlight for long periods and protect them from rain or excessive humidity.

At Bell Tower Spain, as manufacturers of the best leather bags and wallets in Ubrique, we invite you to follow these valuable tips to hydrate the leather in your leather wallets, to be able to enjoy your favorite accessories for much longer and look like the first day. Don’t neglect it!