How to choose the best travel bags?

travel bags

Traveling is a passion that everyone can enjoy, whether it’s a family trip, a business trip, or just a simple vacation. It is important to have everything prepared so that your stay in the place you are going to is perfect. Therefore, every planned trip must have a great ally such as our suitcase or travel bags.

There are multiple models and types of travel bags, and many times we do not know which one to choose, which is why we often enter into a crisis of not knowing how to organize our luggage, and even less where to carry it. In this post, we will show you how to choose the best travel bags.

We summarize the factors that are decisive before making a good choice, as well as the characteristics of the most used types of travel bags. So you won’t have any more headaches when thinking about traveling, because here we show you the most comfortable, practical, and versatile travel bag options that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

What to consider when choosing the best travel bag?

When choosing travel bags, you must take into account several factors related to the trip. For example, the time you will be outside your usual environment is essential, as a three-day or weekend trip is not the same as a one-week or 15-day trip. Therefore, it will be a determining factor because the size of your suitcase will depend on it, to be able to store the sufficient amount of luggage, in addition to your personal belongings.

Another factor to take into account when traveling is the destination and the transfer, since in this case if you travel by plane or train you could opt for travel suitcases that have wheels to move around, because you are surely going to move to airports or terminals. that will move easily, while if you go by your own car you might have to carry your suitcase in places where the terrain of the road is not so comfortable.

In the same way, the destination is important since, if you go to a hotel or a stay that offers you comfort, you could bet on a carry-on suitcase or a small suitcase, which you will keep in your hotel room, while if you go from camping or to more rural destinations and far from comfort, you should look for travel bags that are comfortable and resistant enough to move around, since this type of trip is usually accompanied by long walks and adventure activities, so the comfort and resistance of our bag will be decisive.

On the other hand, one of the factors that you should also take into account when choosing travel bags is the weight and dimensions of your suitcase, since, if you are going to travel by plane or train, generally the weight conditions will come default. by the baggage policies corresponding to the travel agency to which you are subscribed, since if you exceed it, you will generally have to pay an additional amount for excess weight, so it is important to inform yourself about this aspect to avoid breaking your budget . .

For this reason, another factor that is also of the utmost importance when choosing your suitcase is the quality of the travel bags, since this will be decisive when it comes to guaranteeing the resistance and safety of our belongings. Hence, reference is made to the material our suitcase is made of, as well as the quality of its zippers and closures, as well as its wheels and railings if it had them.

In this way, it is essential to know that when talking about the manufacturing material, the best ones are leather, nylon and PVC, since both are resistant and allow us to carry a large amount of weight. In addition, they are quite waterproof materials that protect our belongings from moisture. However, there are also travel bags made of cotton and canvas that are much more breathable and fresh, but in turn protect less from moisture, so it is recommended that they always have two layers.

On the contrary, in the case of microfiber bags, which are made of synthetic fabric, although they are the most economical option, they are also the least recommended, since despite offering a wide variety of designs and colors, their quality is not she’s very tall. .

In other words, the important thing will always be to choose a bag that is compact, does not take up much space and is light enough to carry it, since comfort is a condition that should not be talked about. In addition, it must have enough capacity to store both your luggage and your personal accessories, and finally offer a good organization of your things through a sufficient number of pockets and compartments that allow easier and more orderly access to your belongings.

Types of travel bags.

In general, it is important that you evaluate all these aspects when deciding on the choice of travel suitcases, since, just as not all trips are the same, your luggage will not be the same either. Hence, it is important to adapt your travel bag according to your needs and priorities, which is why we will present the best-known travel bag options.


This type of bag is used for short trips where you only need to carry your most essential personal items and some clothing. It is also commonly used for going out to dinner or taking walks during the trip, as they are quite comfortable and easy to carry.

2.Small suitcase.

This type of bag is typically used for trips lasting around a week. This suitcase is characterized by being small and easy to carry, while still having the necessary space to store your luggage. However, it is always recommended to use it in combination with a crossbody bag where you can carry your personal items and have your hands free to carry your suitcase with ease.


This type of travel bag is an excellent ally for destinations that involve adventure, as its design allows for excellent weight distribution supported by bands that adjust to the body of the person. In some cases, it also has a metal structure that protects the spine.

In this way, the backpack will be an excellent option when going on a trip where long walks on difficult terrain are expected. Additionally, this type of bag has excellent capacity to store our luggage and personal belongings. Therefore, it is one of the most comfortable and durable options when it comes to travel bags.

4.Wheeled bags.

This type of bag is characterized by being a regular suitcase with wheels that make it easy to move around. They also have foldable rods that must be smooth to the touch in order to access them, as they will be the point of support for dragging this type of bag.

It can also be said that these are the most commonly used travel bags. However, it is important to remember that the quality of the wheels and support rods is very important, as it will prevent these types of bags from leaving us stranded and becoming a headache.

5.Bags without wheels.

On the other hand, when talking about bags without wheels, they are characterized by being a suitcase that instead of having wheels, has an adjustable strap that rests on your shoulders so you can carry your suitcase either crossed or on the side. It can also be said that they are one of the most comfortable options, as in terms of security, you can be more aware of your luggage.

In short, choosing travel bags is not a complicated task, but it will require you to evaluate all the aspects mentioned above, as it is always sought that this type of bag be an ally companion on your trip that facilitates the experience of being away from home. That is why at Bell Tower Spain, we invite you not to miss our catalog of women’s bags where you can find different bag models adapted to your needs and tastes.