How to choose leather briefcases for lawyers

leather briefcases for lawyers

Before buying leather briefcases for lawyers you have to know these tips.

Leather has always been known for its elegance, sophistication and statement. Despite hundreds of years, leather still exists as a rich component of men’s fashion.

So it wouldn’t hurt to say that anyone with a leather briefcase is still considered a very fashionable person despite all this modernism and the introduction of polyfashion.

Today, the most sophisticated people such as businessmen and high-level legal professionals choose and use the best men’s leather briefcases.

There are numerous photos of some of the main executives, such as the presidents of the United States and even some ministers of Spain, using leather bags or briefcases to store their official documents.

At Bell Tower Spain we offer you an excellent example of leather briefcases for lawyers, made with leather from Ubrique and with the best leather goods techniques.

Things to consider before buying leather briefcases for lawyers.

Below are the most important features that have been selected after researching and comparing the market for some of the best leather briefcases for lawyers that you should consider before finalizing your selection.

Leather quality:

Always choose quality leather, even if it is a bit expensive than fake leather, as it will improve over time. It’s because genuine leather changes color and develops an attractive patina over time.

A quality leather briefcase will look great and will look the same even after years of use. One of the best determinants of leather quality is its origin and, in that regard, some of the best leather in Europe comes from Ubrique, Spain.


Although to a lesser extent, the hardware on your leather briefcase will play a crucial role in its durability. Get in the habit of examining all sides of the briefcase properly instead of just focusing on the front. It will help you check the quality of all small parts.

Some of the more notable features that require close attention include handles, buckles, metal rings, padlocks, zippers, and shoulder straps.

The durability of the case

The durability of these cases relies heavily on these hallmarks of quality workmanship. In sewn leather briefcases, the leather must be prevented from fraying, so the seam must be uniform, precise and without loose threads.

The hinges on a hard case should be sturdy, well polished, and free of rust.

Handlebars carry the entire load of the suitcase, so it’s best to have them securely attached to the body with metal frames or reinforced seams.

In contrast, the handles attached to the body of the bag are likely to loosen after a period of demanding use.

Case color

The most common colors for leather briefcases for lawyers are black, tan, dark brown, it’s light brown. Speaking of the backgrounds of these colors, black and dark brown show a great sense of power and authority, which is why they are the most suitable for professional environments.

Whereas suntan and suntan perfectly fit in semi-formal, casual and relaxed settings. The most formal option, however, will always be black, as it complements outfits of all colors.

We recommend avoiding briefcases with more than 2 colors with contrasting stitching, as they will look more garish and lose some of the seriousness that leather law cases confer. A single color throughout with matching stitching is the safest bet.