BELLFLOWER – LEATHER PURSE FOR WOMEN BELLFLOWER is one of our leather purses for women, specially made for the comfort and practicality that every purse requires. It has the ideal size to carry your belongings anywhere. Its beautiful design allows you to use it on any occasion and it is easy to combine, so you … Continue reading "Bellflower"



ANTHURIUM-HANDMADE BAG Our ANTHURIUM is a handmade bag designed for the comfort of our customers, it also has a beautiful design and colors that make you look great wherever you go, being versatile when it comes to combining with your outfits. It has six compartments for cards and one for bills with snap closure in … Continue reading "Anthurium"


Leather wallets for women: Give your style a touch of personality

Undoubtedly, a leather wallet becomes an essential accessory in the daily life of every woman, providing us with comfort when we go outside to enjoy our daily routine. The leather wallets are made of different materials, with practical and modern designs that provide the ideal touch for your outfit.

With the leather wallets from BellTowerSpain you can express your true self. me, making use of your unique bag. Being artisanal products, you will be able to observe the care taken in the manufacturing in the details, in this way, any occasion will be the ideal one to show off your leather wallet designed especially for your enjoyment.

Become the trendsetter and inspire the world around you. Curiosity leads to creativity, which means your style options will expand, grow, and become even more unique with women’s leather wallets. You will be an inspiration to everyone around you, including us.

Your unique style inspires us to create perfect women’s leather wallets that are fashionable.

We love creating women’s leather wallets that showcase your personal style and help you pursue your passions with confidence. Made from high-quality material and designed with on-trend silhouettes, our women’s bags and matching wallets are wardrobe staples you can count on. The details of each of our wallets will keep your daily life fresh and updated. Your eye-catching style is only enhanced by one of our beloved  handbags leather for women.

Individuality is in the details

Our expertly crafted leather wallets for women are created with all the colors, rich leathers and attention to detail you desire. We createwomen’s wallets that go beyond being a great clothing accessory: our women’s wallets are part of the outfit itself.

They serve more of a purpose than simply carrying your phone, lipstick, and keys; Our bags are what tie your outfit together and give you the confidence to embrace everything the world has to offer. Feeling comfortable and elegant is a combination that not many items can give you, with our leather or leather wallets you can express security and practicality in your outfit.

From large purses to small purses and everything in between, our eye-catching women’s purses are ready to help you meet the challenges of each new day. Interior zipper pockets, exterior hardware, adjustable straps, durable handles, soft leather and more can be found in a variety of our women’s wallets and purses, giving you the most reliable options and features. what you want in a bag.

We take care of the details and create modern designs that will give you the necessary practicality, without forgetting the style and elegance that a wallet should bring to your outfit. Explore our wide offering of women’s handbags to find your perfect bag while getting inspiration for new fashion styles.

We create shoulder bags, wallets, bags in a variety of styles to give you the best option for whatever your day brings.