Gift bags

gift bags

Whenever we think about giving something, we think that this gift has to be unique and special just like the person to whom it is addressed. One of the options we offer you are gift bags, the variety of bags and wallets we have adapt to the needs and personalities of each person, unique designs, colors and leather aromas authentic, in short… gifts that make you fall in love.
If you think of bags, you think of a gift with a lot of personality, a detail that your person will appreciate for many years. But… What do you have to take into account before choosing from a wide variety of bags?

Choose gift bags

Gift bags, as we call them, are bags that must be chosen thinking about the taste of the person to whom you are going to give the gift, you have to think How you would see it worn, what occasion you are going to use it on, what clothes you would pair it with.

The good thing is that at Bell Tower Spain we have a large variety of gift bags. You can choose from a classic design with great elegance to a modern design that will steal glances when they see it worn.

Colors are of great importance when choosing gift bags since they only distinguish one piece from another, they are more than a color, they are feelings, they are visual messages which will make your person special she feels happy to use that bag you chose for her.

The texture for a gift bag reflects the personality of the person to whom the gift is addressed, fine and soft for sweet and sentimental people, rough and strong for people with attitude and energy.

Size also matters and we are not talking about the bigger the better, but about what the purpose of the gift will be, we have stylized bags for special occasions such as parties, smaller in size than other designs, but with the elegance necessary to look something different at those nighttime meetings. If you are looking for comfort and functionality we have the best leather bags bag type to store everything that your loved one needs for whom this gift bag is intended.

Quality gift bags

We leave quality last since the best is always left for last, you don’t need to worry about quality, since all our gift bag models are made with the best leather on the Spanish market. The cradle of leather in Spain, Ubrique, provides us with the best leathers of which we are responsible for manufacturing unique pieces in an artisanal way.

We already talked about gift bags, but we also have a variety of wallets and purses for ladies, so you can also give them a special gift no matter what their gender is.

At Bell Tower Spain as a specialist in the manufacture of Ubrique Bags We invite you to visit our catalog in leather bags and leather wallets, so that you realize what we are talking about.

You will fall in love with the collections that you will not only get a gift bag, but you will choose one for that special person and another for yourself… We assure you.