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Men’s leather briefcase

For a long time, the men’s leather briefcase was considered simply a means of transporting its owners’ belongings, however, today day plays a different role, influencing the appearance and often standing out from the outfit worn.

Nowadays, not only women are concerned about the aesthetics provided by the accessories that usually match their outfit, increasingly, men are joining in to stay in style. current trends in fashion.

The men’s leather briefcase, being a garment that is carried in the hand or hanging on the side of our body, represents a garment that can be altered from our image to the posture we adopt while standing, therefore, it is vital that one is selected appropriately.

For this reason, men choose a leather briefcase according to several criteria, don’t know what we mean?, don’t worry , we present them to you below.

Criteria for selecting a leather briefcase for men:

  • The design and size of the briefcase:

Let us not forget that although briefcases are now an accessory whose aesthetics are taken into account, they still fulfill a specific functionality and must continue to do so satisfactorily.

The number of compartments, as well as their capacity, will define whether a leather briefcase for men is functional or not, according of course, to the needs of the user. same.

  • The use of the briefcase

The use that you will give to the briefcase is also an important factor when choosing it, since it is not the same as purchasing a leather briefcase for men in which you will only carry documents , to a briefcase in which you will have to carry electronic equipment or tools.

  • The color of the briefcase

This is perhaps the least relevant factor and it depends more on the taste of the man who carries it, however, it is still an important point to consider, since nowadays there are briefcases for men for all tastes and colors.

As it is a men’s briefcase, the colors are usually very neutral (beige, brown or black), to represent, of course, its masculinity, however, you can also find briefcases with more extravagant and striking designs and colors.

  • The style

As we have previously mentioned, the men’s briefcase represents a new element in the modern man’s outfit that, in addition, must transmit a correct image according to the occasion or the personality of the person who uses it.

If you want to know what type of leather briefcase for men you need according to your style or the activity you usually carry out, don’t miss the next section.

Types of briefcases for men:

We present the various types of briefcases for men and their main characteristics, as well as the profile of the man or occasion for which he would use them:

  1. The original briefcase:

The first briefcases were made of canvas and were of a medium size, remember that they only served one function and were not intended as a garment within the clothing set, currently you can get original briefcases from canvas, nylon or leather.

Ideal for short trips because you can carry what you need, on the other hand, the nylon ones have a more sporty character, so they would be ideal as bags or briefcases for the gym.

  1. The Portfolio:

The formal briefcase par excellence, if you are a businessman or one who constantly wears a suit and tie, the executive leather briefcases for men , as it is often called, is the perfect option for you, as they project seriousness and professionalism.

The first briefcases were quite square and rigid, made of leather and reinforced to maintain their structure, today, you can find some that are a little more flexible.

  1. The postman’s bag:

As its name indicates (known in English as Messenger Bag), its design comes from the classic bag with a long handle that crosses the chest of who uses it, used years ago by the deliverers of valuable correspondence.

A casual men’s briefcase for daily use if it is made of canvas, however, if it is made of leather it goes better with a more professional or formal outfit.

  1. The “tout”:

Better known as a “tote”, it is the practical briefcase for men par excellence, similar to the postman’s bag, except that the straps on the that hangs the bag are not that long, which is why it does not cross the chest, but rather hangs directly over the shoulder on the side on which it is worn.

It is usually the simple briefcase for men to simply transport more things than with a postman bag or a briefcase, but less than with an original briefcase. The tout is a casual men’s briefcase.

Now that you know how to select the ideal briefcase for men, at BellTowerSpain we invite you to explore our Turin leather briefcase for gentlemen we know it will adapt to your needs and personal style.