Types of leather bags

types of leather bags

Bags are an element that has become indispensable in a woman’s daily life. Since, it has a large number of useful functions such as transporting all our belongings in the most comfortable and practical way possible.

It is for this reason and much more that the designers have taken it upon themselves to suggest new options each time, to choose the one that best suits the occasion and our needs, without ignoring other aspects such as the outfit and the functionality of the different types of leather bags who have been created.

Types of leather bags according to their models:

1. Tote

They are known as spacious wallets with double handles, they are very easy to carry, which is why they are also known as “shopping bags”.

2. Doctor

As its name says, it is one of the types of leather bags that is inspired by the typical old briefcases used by doctors. It has a square or rectangular shape and its handles are short, which allows it to be used by holding it by hand.

3. Backpack

It is the classic bag that we use loaded with two straps on the shoulders. They have a very practical use when carrying weight, since it lies on our shoulders and makes it easier to carry it.

4. Shopper

It is one of the largest types of leather bags, it has enough capacity to store several products. It is ideal for shopping and usually has a single pocket, although there are models that have several compartments inside.

5. Crossbody or shoulder bag

One of the most used types of leather bags, it is practical, comfortable and looks good for any occasion (always taking its design into account). It is small or medium in size, it has a long strap that crosses over a man and the wallet is on the opposite side.

6. Bucket

Its name comes because its shape is similar to that of a bucket. It has the style of a sailor bag, it has a strap to hang over the shoulder and a strap that goes through metal rings.

7. Satchel Bag or Messenger Bags

It is inspired by the bags used by postal workers. Their shape is rectangular, they have a long strap and have a lid that covers the front and closes with buckles.

8. Baguette

It is one of the types of leather bags that are used as handbags and its design allows it to be very comfortable and elegant for more special occasions (dates, weddings, etc.).

9. Clutch or envelope.

They are very elegant wallets, these do not have a strap and are carried in the hand or under the arm. They are mainly used for gala events or are also ideal for giving a glamorous touch to your casual look.

Types of leather bags according to their uses:

Knowing the models described above, we can classify them into different types, since each one has certain functions and is better for specific occasions.

1. Work

Depending on the area where you stand out, the most elegant and useful for this occasion are large, resistant bags, but that retain their elegant touch so as not to look too casual. This is why the “tote”, “satchel” and the “doctor” style are recommended.

2. For daily

The most advisable thing for everyday use (taking into account the amount of things you want to carry) is that they are not too big so that they do not get in the way. Here we include the basics like the “baguette” and “hobo”.

3. To go out at night

If what we want is to capture everyone’s attention and have a practical bag where we can carry the essentials, without losing style, the best thing for these outings is a “clutch” or “flap” type model.

Remember that the important thing is to feel comfortable, so choosing the right bag for the occasion will provide us with the security to enjoy our outing.