Crocodile skin wallets, an exotic beauty


As is already popular knowledge, wallets can be made of a wide variety of different materials and every day the list of possibilities expands even more, of course, within the list there are also uncommon materials, as is the case of crocodile skin wallets

For those people who hear about this type of items for the first time, the use of crocodile skin for wallets may seem strange, however, it is not that strange and, in fact, it is used in many other leather products.

Now, what is strange are products and, in this case, genuine crocodile skin wallets, because due to the fact that it is not a material that is mass-produced and the difficulty in obtaining it, the most common thing is fakes. .

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How to recognize genuine crocodile skin wallets?

We have already mentioned that it is an exotic material and that it owes its value precisely to that, but then, how can we ensure that we are in the presence of authentic crocodile skin wallets?

The answer to this question is much simpler than it seems, since crocodile skin has a very characteristic pattern. In addition, its texture and natural shine can also help identify it.

Likewise, we present the clues that you should take into account when you are in the presence of a crocodile skin wallet:

Texture of the wallets:

The pattern of the crocodile skin is always the same, irregular with some folds interspersed, the main point in this aspect is that, in those folds, the crocodile skin is slightly softer and more flexible than where the patterns are located.

This reveals the authenticity of the leather from which the wallet is made, because if it is a fake, it is possibly cow or sheep leather, and these can hardly replicate this pattern of textures.

Crocodile skin glitter:

Much of the beauty of authentic crocodile skin wallets is the shine that characterizes this highly sought-after material, since it is the skin of a reptile, it has a very characteristic shine.

Some manufacturers of this material make efforts to dull this typical shine and in some cases they succeed, however, the vast majority of people or companies that manufacture this material retain its natural shine, precisely as a sign of its authenticity.

Why is crocodile skin so special?

The answer seems obvious, right? Because anyone would think that it comes from crocodile hunting and, although in principle it was like that, currently it is not like that, since hunting was prohibited many years ago because alligators and crocodiles were being hunted excessively.

Due to this prohibition, genuine crocodile skin wallets are only made from animals raised in captivity, which can take around 7 years to obtain quality skin, not to mention all the costs associated with such breeding.

Due to this, crocodile skin and all products made with it immediately become luxury products that denote exclusivity and superior purchasing power, since they are not economic elements. Now that you know a little more about this beautiful and exotic manufacturing material, you surely want to have some of the best genuine crocodile skin wallets on the market, and we don’t blame you, we love them too.

If you want to know a little more about this material, do not hesitate to visit this article about crocodile skin. Furthermore, at Bell Tower Spain, as manufacturers of Ubrique bags, we invite you not to miss our section on leather wallets and leather bags that we know you will love. So don’t miss out, choose your bag now!