How to clean a leather bag? We have some tips for you

how to clean a leather bag

We all have a favorite bag, the one that always represents us wherever we are, it gives us security, we are in love with that bag, we carry it season after season and we have used it so many times that the passage of time has left its mark.

If you want your leather bag to look like the day you bought it, here we tell you how to clean a leather bag and make it look like new.

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How to clean a leather bag?

If your bag has not been used for a while and you have stored it with little care, first you have to eliminate the bad smell caused by having it in a closed place.

You just have to open the zippers and all the pockets, and let the bag air out for a few hours outdoors.

The skin tends to dry out over time. Therefore, it is recommended to hydrate the bag with a specialized product. If that is not the case and you don’t have any at home, you can use a moisturizer, like the cream that everyone knows called Nivea.

If your favorite bag has a stain, first moisten a cloth with water and try to remove the stains with small circular movements.

Of course, NEVER! That’s right… NEVER submerge any leather accessory in water!

Mold stains?

We have the method to remove those stains. Clean the bag with a cloth soaked in ethyl alcohol diluted with water at natural temperature. You can also choose a mixture of vinegar and water.

Remember to have a soft brush on hand and brush your bag frequently. This will ensure that dirt and dust particles that accumulate over time of use are removed. Remember to keep it in a cotton bag to preserve it better.

Do you have a dark leather bag and it has stains?

Boil water in a pot. When it starts to boil, place the stain on top of the pot so that the steam can do its work and soften the stain. Leave the bag in the open air for a few hours to dry completely.

Do you want to remove those unwanted oil stains?

Try cleaning your bag with talcum powder. Let the product do its job for a few hours and remove it with a soft brush. This way you will get the great absorbed.

How to clean a white leather bag?

If you have a beautiful white or other light-colored bag, you can use the white of an egg. First, separate it from the yolk and beat the white.

Next step, dip a clean cloth in the previously beaten egg white and use it to clean the stains on that light-colored leather. After an hour when the bag has dried, clean it with a woolen item. You just have to clean it more frequently to avoid stains or yellowing.

If any of these home tricks haven’t worked at all well, the best thing you can do is take your bag to a dry cleaner so the experts can do their job and treat it with specialized products.

How often do I have to clean my leather bag?

The time will depend on the use you give to your bag. Remember, when not in use, store it properly in a cotton bag.

But if you use your bag constantly, I recommend that you treat the leather of your bag approximately once every three months. And although it may sound like a cliché, prevention is always better than cure.

If you always keep your leather bag nourished and protected, that bag will pass from generation to generation and it will rarely get dirty or need you to take it to a specialist to restore or clean it.

Another tip is to avoid picking up your leather bags right after you have applied hand cream, as this contributes to greasy stains on the leather of your bag.

I hope these tips are very helpful in taking care of those beautiful leather bags, and if you need another one for your beautiful collection, I invite you to visit our catalog. Until next time!