How to choose a leather bag for women?

leather bag for women

The key to looking spectacular at a dinner or important meeting may simply be the right choice of a leather bag. At Bell Tower Spain we are specialists in making the best leather bags for women, made with the highest quality raw materials and at the best price.

Fashion is part of our lives, whether we want it or not, it defines the way many people see us and, in some cases, who we are. It is also true that we all like to look good, having an outfit that identifies us provides us comfort and improves our mood.

Our outfit is made up of different elements that harmonize with each other to provide us with a specific style. Among these elements, there is a series of accessories that complement the way we dress. One of these accessories is handbags.

Although bags seem to be just a functional element (they allow you to carry your belongings wherever you go), most of the time, they lose part of their functionality in order to look better with the rest of our clothing.To choose a leather bag for women correctly there are many factors to consider, but don’t worry, we will number them one by one.

How to choose a leather bag according to your body shape?

The first feature you should consider when choosing the perfect leather bag for you, of course, is your silhouette. Choosing a leather bag for a tall, thin woman is not the same as choosing a leather bag for a shorter, plumper woman. The idea is to achieve harmony between the garment we will wear and our figure, so the whole outfit will look great.

In terms of height and size of the purse, the choice of women’s leather purse should be proportional, that is, if you are a tall woman, try to use a medium or large purse, because if you use a small one, it will make you look more high and is not harmonious. Of course, if you are short, small leather bags are ideal to make you look a little taller.

If you are going to consider the shape of your silhouette and the design of the bag, the criterion is the opposite of the previous one, if your body is thin, using bags with round shapes are more flattering on you, while if you are a woman whose body is more round, Women’s leather bags with straight lines and squarer corners fit your figure better.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned before, the main idea is to maintain harmony between your purse and your figure, with this in mind, if you are a woman with a large bust, a leather purse with a long strap below the waist would go with your figure wonderfully, on the contrary, if instead of a large bust, you are interested in highlighting your wide hips, the best thing would be a purse with a strap or short handle at waist level or just under the arm works best for you.

As you can see, choosing a women’s leather bag based on your body shape is not particularly difficult, it just requires some attention.

How to choose a leather bag for women according to the occasion?

As they say, the colors depend on your taste. However, all women love to look appropriately according to the situation or event they are going to attend. In fact, most buy a whole new outfit for some specific occasions.

Anyway, when it comes to events in particular, the way to choose a leather bag for women is quite simple, if you have considered how to choose a bag according to the figure of the woman in question.

If you want to choose a women’s leather bag for everyday use, that is, a casual leather bag , it is best to focus on practicality, making it comfortable and having the necessary compartments to carry the things you need every day. . As for color, the idea is that they are discreet colors, such as brown or beige.

Based on this, the idea is for everyday bags to be as big as possible, but not so big that it affects the way you look.

Now, if what you are looking for is a leather bag to go to work, presence and style prevail slightly over comfort, obviously, you cannot leave aside being able to carry the objects you need for your work, so you must Also consider it when choosing a leather bag for work.

Finally, if it is a leather bag for a special event, such as a party, important work meeting or wedding, of course functionality and aesthetics would be the priority. The ideal would be a leather bag that is as elegant as possible and in accordance with your body shape, this way you will not go unnoticed and you will look your best.

How to choose a leather bag for women according to your budget?

Of course, we could not forget the monetary factor when appropriately choosing a women’s leather bag. The bag manufacturing industry has expanded so much that there are bags for every taste, color, style and even price.

Now, we cannot leave quality aside, so it is always good to evaluate the material the bag is made of, since it is useless to buy a cheap leather bag for women and it ends up being damaged or broken on the second or third use.

Just as for the figure, you have to find a balance between the quality and price of the leather bag so that you acquire a product that you can use for a long time. Most women’s leather or fur bags are quite durable, with proper care, they can last decades.

At Bell Tower Spain we create the best leather bags for women, handmade with the best material on the market, explore our catalog and purchase the one that best suits you.