How to combine bags with clothes?

combine bags with clothes

We all like to look good, however, there are many factors to consider when choosing an outfit and, not only that, also you need to learn how to combine bags with clothes.

Now, since choosing an outfit is a quite complex issue, we will focus only on the second part, combine bags with clothes correctly.

At Bell Tower Spain we offer you a wide variety of leather bags with different colors, perfect to combine with any outfit you decide to wear.

Of course, we cannot do this well without considering current fashion and, the truth is, fashion is constantly changing, so what was fashionable a few years ago is no longer fashionable.

Different color bags and shoes

Until a few years ago, fashion dictated that bags should be combined with shoes to comply with the fashion of the moment.

Because of this, it was very common to see people buying bags and shoes of the same color over and over again and wearing them with almost any outfit, regardless of whether the color of these two objects in the set matched or not with the rest of the clothing pieces.

Of course, people with a slightly broader fashion instinct looked for colors for clothing that matched the color chosen for the bag and shoes.

Today, this criterion is considered outdated, so it is now considered a mistake and it is recommended to use bags and shoes of different colors in the outfit.

Obviously, the color selection of the bag will be linked to the selection of the clothing to be worn, so the shoes will be considered as well, but now they do not have the prominence that they used to have.

Anyway, the point is that currently the ideal way to combine your bags is to use bags and shoes of different colors.

How to combine bags with clothes of any color?

The answer is very simple, the bag color that goes with everything is white, and we will tell you the reason why that is.

Some people will say that it is actually the black bag, but there is one exception to that case, and it is a black bag with an all-white outfit.

The contrast is so great that at first glance you can practically only see the bag.

While, if you use a white bag, this outfit will complement the entire outfit.

Now, you may be thinking, what if I wear a black outfit and a white bag? Would the same thing happen? And yes, something very similar would happen, but it is not as contrasting a scenario as the previous one.

Obviously, we do not advise you to use this color combination, but if you wanted to know the bag color that goes with everything, there you have it, the white bag is ideal.

Combine bags with clothes correctly

As it is almost impossible to provide you with all the possible combinations to always be able to combine bags with clothes, we will provide you with some cases from which you can consider other combinations.

Combine red bag with clothes.

One way to look great is to combine a red bag with a black and white outfit, this way the bag stands out, but not so much as to distort the whole.

In general, the size of the bag should not be too large to avoid taking all the attention.

This combination of bag with clothes is based on contrast, since the 3 colors make a soft contrast that ends up harmonizing with each other.

Combine orange bag with clothes.

Another very current trend is to combine an orange bag with clothes in neutral colors, such as beige, brown, gray or pastel colors (with some exceptions such as green).

Contrary to the previous case, this set is not based on contrast, but on combination by proximity in color scale, which will give a sense of harmony to the entire clothing.

So, if you have a dress outfit with neutral colors, combining an orange bag would be ideal to complement it.

The classic black bag to dress elegantly.

We couldn’t fail to mention the black bag when it comes to combining bags with clothes, and traditionally, the black bag is the favorite choice to dress elegantly.

As for what dress colors a black bag should be combined with, it goes with almost any dress outfit, however, the recommendations would be: pastel colors in general, silver, gold, gray and red.

As you can see, the black bag is one of the ones that allows you the most combination options, so having one in your closet is always a good idea.

At Bell Tower Spain we hope that this publication will help you clear up your doubts about combining bags with clothes. If you decide to purchase a bag, we invite you to explore our extensive catalog of leather bags for women and purchase our excellent products completely online.