Synthetic or Genuine Leather Bag?

Genuine Leather Bag

When it comes to shopping, one of the first things that comes to mind is to buy something genuine that is durable, with nice designs and good material. These requests often make us doubt when it comes to buying a handbag, we wonder if it will be a synthetic or genuine leather bag, and it’s true, many times they try to sell us a synthetic leather bag pretending to be a genuine leather one. Natural leather has a big difference in quality, durability, and elegance, but unfortunately, they try to deceive us and with technology advancing so much lately, a synthetic leather bag can be practically identical to a genuine leather one. Here we will give you several tips that can help you not to be scammed and learn to differentiate a synthetic leather bag from a genuine leather bag like a pro.

Tips to know if it is a synthetic leather bag

  • The first thing we can do is observe if it has any characteristic tear that distinguishes it as a genuine leather. Synthetic leather bags do not have the tears that genuine animal leather has, which surely occurred while the animal was alive and suffered from stretch marks.
  • The second thing that can be done is to bring our nose closer and pay close attention to the smell of the bag. A synthetic leather bag should not have the characteristic smell of leather, however, we must be very careful with this step and not base ourselves solely on it, because in the industry, they have advanced to such a point that they have fragrances with leather scent and apply them to disguise the smell of a genuine leather bag.
  • The third tip will be based on touch. A synthetic leather bag when gently pressed with your fingers does not have the action of sinking smoothly and returning to its regular shape in the same way. Additionally, when a genuine leather bag is pressed, it should mark certain wrinkles that correspond to genuine leather.
  • The fourth tip, this little recommended and somewhat dangerous advice is based on fire. A synthetic leather bag in the presence of fire will tend to wrinkle and not return to its original shape, while a genuine leather bag will tend to shrink and return smoothly to its original shape. If you want to apply this tip to your bag, it is advisable to choose a less visible area of the bag that does not compromise the bag, so, if it is not a genuine leather bag, you can continue using it without any inconvenience.
  • The fifth and no less important advice is to pay close attention to the softness of the leather and its flexibility. A synthetic leather bag has a more rigid skin than a genuine leather bag.

With the help of these tips, we assure you that the next time you go to buy a genuine leather bag, it will not end up being a synthetic leather bag, and you can enjoy real leather, its aroma, texture, resistance, impermeability, and durability.

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