Tips for choosing the best leather wallets for men

leather wallets for men

Leather wallets for men are a part of the daily look of gentlemen that cannot be missing at any time. But… How to choose a leather wallet for men? At Bell Tower we give you the best fur fashion tips.

This men’s accessory has a variety of functions, in addition to storing money and cards. There are those who carry photos of their loved ones or to carry official identifications.

The best part of all this is that a men’s leather wallet is the best gift for any occasion.

A leather wallet for every occasion and style. This basic piece has always been the main accessory for men, which is the most used on a day-to-day basis. Referring to this, we will know what are the aspects and characteristics that must be taken into account when choosing leather wallets for men, since the ideal would be for the investment to be for a quality piece, capable of transmitting the style and personality of the gentleman who wears it.

Buying leather wallets for men sounds simple, but in reality this means more than we can think. This is even more important when you want to choose a leather wallet to give it to a special person.

How to choose leather wallets for men?

Although we know that it is possible to get a gigantic variety of models with very different characteristics, if we think about it from that point of view, finding the ideal wallet can be difficult.

Keep in mind these following characteristics to avoid going round and round without finding a leather wallet that convinces you.

The color of leather wallets

This is one of the main factors when choosing the ideal wallet, and we must focus on the most common outfits used, so pay attention to the way of dressing the wallet is intended for. Although we know that not all of us have the same tastes, so choosing the appropriate color will be a key part of finding the ideal wallet. One of the tips we give is to choose a neutral color like black, brown, gray. This will ensure that the men’s leather wallet goes with everything.

Wallet for men size

We have to know and be honest about what we usually carry in our wallet, with that result we can specify the space needs for each person. The ideal is to find a men’s leather wallet that makes you feel comfortable.

It can be achieved with spaces along the length for bills, a coin pocket, 2 or 3 compartments to store cards and documents.

Today there are two models apart from the standard wallets, one is called the Slim wallet, which fits only bills and cards. Also, there are minimalist wallets, which only have the capacity to store the essentials. This type of leather wallet has a fairly small size.

Leather wallet design

Not only color conveys personality, but the design of a wallet as well, that’s why there are different materials, textures and visual elements that allow the wearer’s personality to be expressed. The design does not affect the functionality of the bag, just choose the one that best suits your style or the style of the person you are going to give it to.

Material quality

An essential feature when buying a men’s leather wallet is quality, we all want a wallet to last us. As this is one of the essential accessories of a gentleman’s day-to-day, the ideal is to opt for a resistant and long-lasting material such as leather.

What better quality than that offered by Ubrique leather, which is renowned throughout Europe and is our main material with which we make our products.

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With these tips you are able to make a very good choice of men’s leather wallets, and our catalog has several options that meet the characteristics that we mentioned before. Bell Tower is quality leather goods for men and women.

With the latter we have finished, we hope that now you can easily choose leather wallets for men.