Big or small purse?

Big or small purse

We all have been there – going to the store to buy a leather purse and becoming a bit indecisive about which color will be better, which design will match us the most, and the doubt that intrigues us the most is the size of the purse. In most cases, we fail to decide the ideal size of either a big or small purse.

The truth is that there are different sizes, and each of them plays a fundamental role for a different day – from going to parties, shopping, the market, work, or dinner. Each one is essential, but we will still wonder, what is better – big or small purse?

Here, we will tell you from our experience which leather purse will be better for your day according to the occasion, and we will tell you why that purse can accompany you at any time and won’t look out of place but will surely be of great help for your daily life.

Big purse

Big purses help us a lot when it comes to a long day, such as going to work, shopping, a meeting, and we need a lot of space to store all our personal items with us. But what happens when that day is an elegant dinner or a party? Clearly, it becomes a bit difficult for us to carry our big purse, and it will be a bit cumbersome at that moment when we have nowhere to leave it.

Small purse

Small purses are incredibly practical when we go to parties or elegant places where we should not carry more than our outfit and look amazing. But as women, we all know that it is essential for us to have a place to carry our make-up or personal items and thus feel more comfortable when leaving the house. Therefore, a small purse may look incredible and make us look elegant, but it has a significant disadvantage due to its limited utility that will not allow us to carry our personal items everywhere.

So, big or small purse?

From our personal vision and experience in leather purses, the best option when deciding will be a big purse that allows you to store your personal items at any time.

Also, a big purse will allow you to combine it excellently and make you look with a more relaxed style without losing the security that every woman should have.

However, small purses are very glamorous, and if you want to look beautiful, fashionable and catch all eyes, we recommend that you always have a small purse with you that will provide you with that unique and beautiful style that every woman desires.